Dandy Orandas has been the Number One source for fancy goldfish in the USA for over 20 years. We specialize in High-Quality Fancy Goldfish of all varieties. Unlike most companies that get their fish from trans-shippers, we import our own fish, and have direct relationships with several of the best goldfish farmers in China. Some of these are exclusive to Dandy Orandas, so you won’t see their fish anywhere else in America. Our fish are hand-selected, and only the best available are imported. ken in china collage for TGC To ensure that only disease-free fish are shipped to our customers, all Dandy Orandas fish undergo full exams, including microscopy, and prophylactic treatments over a 4 week period. Shorter quarantine periods do not reveal the many problems that can occur with new fish. They also do not allow the fish time to recover from the stress of their long journey from Asia. Our longer quarantine period ensures that your fish are the healthiest and strongest goldfish available. We also screen all fish for balance, buoyancy, and any other problems. This makes sure our customers get off to the best start possible with their new fish. Compare this to most other companies that sell fish immediately after import, with no recovery period, and NO quarantine at all. Dandy Orandas is unrivaled when it comes to Goldfish. We offer the best selection, the widest variety, unsurpassed quality and health, along with the finest reputation in the business. Visit our weekly auctions to view our constantly changing selection of fish. Bid with confidence knowing your goldfish is coming from the best source in the USA. Also, see our additional pages on Shipping Info, Fish Acclimation, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the contact us link at the top of this page. Auctions are usually every weekend, Friday at 8:00 PM EST – Sunday 8:00 PM EST.   Check the site every week to see new offerings.

Samples of Goldfish Imported by Dandy Orandas


Note: These goldfish are sold, see our auctions for currently available fish, or my

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