BIG Red/White Broadtail Ryukin/Oranda Cross

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    10th of January 2020 at 8:00 PM

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Only one available!  Unique fish with showy fins with beautiful white edges.  Sturdy fish with nice poise and presence in the tank,  plus excellent motion and balance

EVERYTHING MUST GO SALE!!!  Auctions CONCLUDE January 24th, then I will be ceasing fish sales until further notice.  Even when I stopped imports this spring, I still kept some fish to keep all the systems active.  This time Everything Must Go so that I can shut down the whole facility.  So, there are some incredible deals for everyone, with all fish starting below cost.  (ALL FISH ORDERS MUST BE SCHEDULED FOR DELIVERY BY JANUARY 30th.  I will not be shipping after that time.)

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e******r$149.0012-Jan-2020 20:06:39Yes
D*******7$124.9912-Jan-2020 20:05:50 
e******r$120.0012-Jan-2020 20:05:49 
e******r$119.9912-Jan-2020 20:02:53 
D*******7$115.0012-Jan-2020 20:02:02 
e******r$115.0012-Jan-2020 20:02:02 
e******r$109.9912-Jan-2020 20:01:38 
D*******7$105.0012-Jan-2020 20:01:38 
D*******7$104.9912-Jan-2020 20:01:02 
e******r$100.0012-Jan-2020 20:01:01 
e******r$99.9912-Jan-2020 19:59:40 
D*******7$95.0012-Jan-2020 19:59:40 
D*******7$94.9912-Jan-2020 19:58:20 
e******r$90.0012-Jan-2020 19:58:20 
e******r$89.9912-Jan-2020 19:20:07 
D*******7$85.0012-Jan-2020 18:45:41 
e******r$85.0012-Jan-2020 18:45:41 
e******r$79.9912-Jan-2020 10:05:37 
D*******7$75.0012-Jan-2020 10:05:37 
D*******7$74.9912-Jan-2020 05:37:34 
e******r$70.0012-Jan-2020 05:37:34 
e******r$69.9912-Jan-2020 01:05:33 
D*******7$65.0012-Jan-2020 01:05:33 
D*******7$64.9912-Jan-2020 00:53:18 
e******r$60.0012-Jan-2020 00:53:17 
e******r$59.9910-Jan-2020 20:15:37