Big Red/White Crown Pearlscale

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    31st of May 2019 at 8:00 PM

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Large pearlscale with nice motion and balance.  This one had damage to its head when it first came in.  Now it has “wrinkles” in it’s crown, but I’ve seen this many times with these fish.  Still, a nice large pearlscale.

EVERYTHING MUST GO SALE!!!  Low starting bids, with many fish starting below cost.  Fish totals over $150 (before shipping) receive a bonus 6 oz. Jar of Super Gold ($15.99 Value).  Orders over $250 (before shipping) receive a bonus 1 lb. Bag of Super Gold ($29.99 Value).   There will be no more auctions for a while, so I ask that all customers take delivery of their fish this week, or next week at the latest.  I cannot hold fish beyond June 13th, and there will be no shipments after that date.  ALSO, my father is having major surgery on June 4th, and I need to be with family at that time.  I will not be here to ship on the 3rd or 4th.  I apologize for any inconvenience. 

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C******d$149.0002-Jun-2019 20:04:04Yes
y******************m$114.9902-Jun-2019 20:02:35 
C******d$110.0002-Jun-2019 20:02:35 
C******d$109.9902-Jun-2019 20:01:16 
y******************m$105.0002-Jun-2019 20:01:15 
y******************m$104.9902-Jun-2019 20:00:45 
y******************m$100.0002-Jun-2019 20:00:36 
C******d$100.0002-Jun-2019 20:00:36 
C******d$94.9902-Jun-2019 20:00:12 
y******************m$90.0002-Jun-2019 20:00:11 
y******************m$89.9902-Jun-2019 19:59:41 
C******d$85.0002-Jun-2019 19:59:41 
C******d$84.9902-Jun-2019 19:59:24 
y******************m$80.0002-Jun-2019 19:58:33 
g*********7$75.9902-Jun-2019 19:58:32 
g*********7$74.9902-Jun-2019 00:51:00 
C******d$70.0001-Jun-2019 08:47:00 
j**o$70.0001-Jun-2019 08:47:00 
j**o$64.9931-May-2019 22:52:26 
C******d$60.0031-May-2019 22:38:49 
j**o$60.0031-May-2019 22:38:49 
j**o$54.9931-May-2019 22:35:36 
C******d$50.0031-May-2019 22:35:36 
C******d$49.9931-May-2019 21:02:40 
b*********r$45.0031-May-2019 21:02:40 
b*********r$44.9931-May-2019 20:05:09