HUMONGOUS Red/Black Oranda

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    30th of August 2019 at 8:00 PM

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I had a meeting with my webmaster a couple weeks ago.  He’s been here many times.  This time he said “that’s the biggest goldfish I’ve ever seen”.  I’ve had a few that were perhaps longer, and a few that were similar in size, but this one has a MASSIVE body for its length…super stout and deep.  I handle fish like this with two hands, and even then this one is hard to hold on to.  OK, so it’s big…but it’s also got “the right stuff”.  I need to get a bigger photo tank for fish like this because they really don’t show off in such a small space…so pics just don’t do this one justice.  It’s just great overall, with excellent powerful motion and balance, with nice poise.  It carries itself differently in the photo tank because it’s almost too big to turn around inside.  It’s quite active for such a large fish, and quick to respond when I approach.  Even though the size is listed, I put a little buddy in some of the shots for perspective.  That oranda is nearly 4 inches, but is puny compared to this high-quality large oranda.

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