Massive Tiger Oranda (UPDATE! Ebay FRAUDSTER ALERT!)

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    27th of July 2018 at 8:00 PM

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Incredible fish in impressive size.  Striking color pattern on this one with super showy fins.  Awesome oranda!


Ebay FRAUD Alert!!!!   Someone on EBAY has STOLEN my photos, and is representing this fish as their own!  SELLER Name is brittny90, and is supposedly located in Pismo Beach, CA.  “Brittny” does not own this fish, or the photos, so I don’t know what her intentions even are here.  Good members of the goldfish community need to know about this, and we need to protect ourselves from such crap.  If you know who this is, please feel free to email me.  I’ve had problems with others on Ebay and other sites using my photos to represent “their” fish, but nothing as blatant as this.  I’ve already contacted Ebay, but have not heard back yet.  I spend a LOT of time taking these photos, and it’s very costly and time consuming to host my own auction site.  I will not let it be compromised by some shady individual on Ebay.

UPDATE!!!  I emailed this SCAMMER to see what kind of reply I might get.   She/He claims to be able to send the fish on Monday, but doesn’t even have it.  This person is obviously out to STEAL from people.  Here’s my message, and their reply…..



New message from: brittny90 (78Blue Star)

Yes, absolutely

Your previous message

That fish is awesome! If I do the buy now, can you ship on Monday, the 29th? I’d like to get it ASAP!

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d*****i$693.9929-Jul-2018 19:59:58 
O*****x$689.0029-Jul-2018 19:59:57 
d*****i$679.9929-Jul-2018 19:59:39 
O*****x$675.0029-Jul-2018 19:59:38 
d*****i$654.9929-Jul-2018 19:59:24 
O*****x$650.0029-Jul-2018 19:59:23 
d*****i$629.9929-Jul-2018 19:58:50 
R************6$625.0029-Jul-2018 19:58:49 
R************6$614.9929-Jul-2018 19:56:53 
O*****x$610.0029-Jul-2018 19:56:52 
O*****x$609.9929-Jul-2018 19:55:58 
R************6$605.0029-Jul-2018 19:55:58 
R************6$604.9929-Jul-2018 19:37:31