Shipping Goldfish is via UPS Next Day Air Overnight Service.

Due to several problems with Fedex.  I’m now using UPS for all my shipments.  Pricing is virtually the same, and I always hope to optimize shipping costs for my customers.  Still, simply put, Next Day Air is not cheap. However, it is the best way to  ship these delicate fish, and it is the only shipping option that we offer. Fish are packed in the afternoon, and delivery is the next morning to most parts of the country.  Fish are shipped from our facility in Michigan.

Shipments can only be made within the USA.ups_logo_help

Due to import/export regulations, we cannot ship outside of the USA.

We use the best packing materials available.

All fish are double-bagged in high-quality square-bottom bags.  Each fish is bagged individually, except cases where packing 2-3 fish per bag helps optimize the shipping costs.  This is only done with very small fish.  Boxes have thick styrofoam walls that provide structural rigidity, and also thermal insulation.  Bubble wrap is used below the bags to cushion the fish, and lightweight packing is added to any voids to secure the bags within the box.  We feel our packing is the best in the business, and have received numerous complements over the years telling us exactly that.  We’ve also heard many stories about other companies that simply throw a bag of fish in a flimsy box with no packing material at all.

Deliveries can be scheduled Tuesday-Fridays  (Excluding Holidays, and times when delivery delays might be anticipated).

Monday deliveries are not possible as shipments can not be generated on Sundays.   I do not offer Saturday delivery.

Consider shipping multiple goldfish in the same box to optimize shipping costs.

For instance, it might cost $85 to ship 1 fish to the west coast, but it’s virtually the same cost to ship 2 fish.  Shipping 3-4 fish will likely cost only $10-$20 more.  *Please note, this is an example.  Actual shipping costs are based on destination, and weight of the box, which can vary due to number of fish, and also the size of the fish.*  It is easy to see in this example how the shipping cost per fish is reduced from $85 to about $25.

We have 3 size boxes for shipping fish.

Our Small fits 1-2 fish.  Medium fits 3-4 (really large fish, 2-3).  Large fits 8-12 fish.

We do everything we can to help you minimize your shipping costs.

That is why we offer to hold fish for up to two weeks.  This gives you an opportunity to bid on additional auctions, add fish to your shipment, and fully optimize your shipping costs.