Black Comet

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    7th of August 2015 at 8:00 PM

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My supplier has always called these black comets, but I believe them to be a bit of a hybrid.  While they don’t get as large as koi, they do get prety big, with deeper bodies and fuller tails as they grow.  They are some of the most active and responsive fish that I’ve ever seen.  This one is slightly lighter black than the others, more noticeable in a tank, but not so much in a pond.  The last time I came across these was about 8 years ago.   I kept a couple in a 2500 gallon pond, and still have them.  They are now about 16 inches with deep girthy bodies and large tails.  Also, while not super black, they do seem to keep the color very well, even getting darker if kept outside.   FINAL Week for Summer Sale…$25 off your shipping total.

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