Black Ebony Scissortail

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    18th of August 2017 at 8:00 PM

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I’ve imported these a few times over the last 12 years.  At first, they were simply called black comets.  I’ve now come to understand that they are actually hybridized with koi.  They are very interesting and hardy, and get pretty big, but not as big as koi.   I have one from my first shipment of them 12 years ago, and it’s about 18 inches long with deep body and pretty fins.  This new batch has improved finnage over previous imports, and show excellent potential in that regard.  This one is slightly lighter in color than most others, with a slight “fishnet” look, but some of that might be exaggerated in the photo tank.  Also, these seem to change color quite noticeably when handled, or when changing lighting or other conditions, and I’ve seen them lighten up just from being in the photo tank for a while.  Once settled back in to their normal space, they regain a darker color.  I’ve noticed this before in these, but not so much with other goldfish when handling them.

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