Massive Broadtail Ryukin

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    21st of October 2016 at 8:00 PM

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This is the ONLY Big Select Broadtail I have left.  Stunning fish, but a bit cramped in the photo tank, so hard to really show it off.  Small single-tail telescope (not included) in photos to give an idea of how massive this impressive fish is.  Beautiful color rarely seen on broadtail.

RELISTED.  Unfortunately a 14 year old in Utah decided to play games with my site two weeks ago, and didn’t actually do the “buy it now”.  It’s sad that some people do not take their bids seriously and spoil the auction experience for everyone else.  For many years as a small business, I’ve always tried to optimize the customer experience while also keeping things simple.  Now with the website and auction format, it’s a constant battle just trying to protect myself from various forms of automated hacking, fake registrations, spam, etc., etc..   It comes from countries all over the world, and I don’t even understand the motivation for most of it.

In addition to the web tech/security stuff , I now have problems every few weeks with new “customers”.  With my reputation, and weekly auctions, the audience is bigger than ever, but that also brings more people that do not take their part in the auctions seriously.   I believe that some people really do think they want the fish at the time, but then change their minds for various reasons.  I’ve been interested in goldfish most of my life, so I can kind of relate.  The term OGD (obsessive goldfish disorder) has been around for decades, and I can understand the excitement that comes with the hobby and these beautiful fish!   I also understand that sometimes things change.  If a good customer is communicative, and reasonable, then I’ve always worked with them regarding delays or cancellations.  Unfortunately, many of these new “customers” do not even give me the courtesy of a reply after winning an auction.  So, I’m sorry to have to relist some of these fish, and am currently working with my webmaster to develop ways to minimize these problems.  I’ve been cancelling accounts of deadbeat customers, but that doesn’t stop the next person from doing the same thing.  Soon there will be additional steps to better qualify accounts as being legitimate.  Having has been a continuously evolving endeavor, and I hope that future updates will make it better for everyone involved.

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